• Where are all the gay football players?

    Por En 6 de Marzo de 2014

    Thomas Hitzlsperger recently became the first Premier League football player to come out as gay. But he only did so after retiring, and there are currently no openly gay pro football players. But why is this the case? I went digging around to find out more

  • A sexist advert...against men!

    Por En 28 de Febrero de 2014

    In France, in spite of the con­trols for eth­i­cal ad­ver­tis­ing, size zero women wear­ing only un­der­wear are all over our pub­lic spaces, keep­ing the male hor­mones on high alert. The ques­tion of men being ex­ploited as sex­ual ob­jects seems fairly ir­rel­e­vant. Not in Swe­den, how­ever, where no ad­ver­tis­ing in­equal­ity es­capes the pow­ers that be...