• [eng] Manuel Valls and the assembly of dissidents

    Por En 10 de Mayo de 2014

    Dissident or not? The saving of 50 billion euros  that Manuel Valls asked the assembly to vote has revealed dissonances within the party in power as 41 of the socialists did not align themselves with the newly appointed Prime Minister. Let us see how dissidence takes place in Europe.

  • [eng] Easter Europe in a VW Kombi

    Por En 10 de Mayo de 2014

    10 000 kilometers through some twenty Eastern European countries, two reporters as co-pilots, dozens of interviews and a VW Kombi. Welcome on board  « Bulli Tour Eu­ropa". It starts on May 10 from Stras­bourg for a six-month on the field work. A couple of hours before departure, one last look at the rear window and here is everything you want to know before releasing the parking brake.

  • [fre] Fashion Revolution day en grece

    Por En 9 de Mayo de 2014

    La mode est une force qu'il faut prendre en compte. Elle est célébration, provocation, amusement. Et, à partir du 24 avril 2014, ce sera encore plus. Parce ce que Fashionrevolution.​org transforme la mode en une force au service du bien.