• Follow the money: Panama Papers just tip of the iceberg

    Por En 7 de Abril de 2016

    Sunday was a good day. I never thought I’d see the day where so many stories about financial secrecy take over the news worldwide. The offshore system is finally getting the attention it deserves – let’s just hope that the newfound interest surrounding this issue doesn't get swept under the carpet over time. Opinion piece.

  • Cameron has kicked the first Brexit ball, but it's landed on his own roof

    Por En 30 de Junio de 2015

    Among the critical issues of immigration and Greece, an awkward dinnertime conversation was brought up at June's European Council meeting.  In a big show to reaffirm his commitment to redefining the UK’s role in the EU, David Cameron managed place his hot topic on the agenda, but all the initial hype faded into hot air and false expectations.

  • Why do we prioritise some tragedies more than others ?

    Por En 28 de Abril de 2015

    2015 has hit us with some shocking attacks by Islamic State (IS) and all of its affiliates. Some have had a profound impact on us, and others less so.

    The latest of these horrors took place in Kenya’s Garissa University College at the beginning of this month. Yet this time, the news was revealed by the press almost 24 hours later. Not before.

  • Podemos and Syriza: two sides of the same coin?

    Por En 13 de Marzo de 2015

    The press around Europe has continuously paired Podemos and Syriza together due to their political discourse of anti-austerity and the close-knit relationship between Pablo Iglesias and Alexis Tsipras.

    But we must be cautious and avoid making the assumption that Podemos’ electoral performance in November will be intrinsically tied to Syriza’s governing performance.