• Can Emmanuel Macron save France from Marine Le Pen?

    Por En 7 de Febrero de 2017

    From Marine Le Pen to Donald Trump, recent months have been dominated by political outsiders. But is the youthful and indepedent Emmanuel Macron just enough of an outsider to become the next president of France? [OPINION]

  • Can a diverse football team inspire a more diverse France?

    Por En 22 de Julio de 2016

    Just like the French flag has three colours, so too does its football team; sometimes described as “black, blanc, beur” – black, white and Arab. But is this diverse team of players proof of France’s multicultural society, or is such a dream really unachievable?

  • France: Nobody wins after Justice Minister's resignation

    Por En 27 de Enero de 2016

    The French Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira has resigned, in part in opposition to the controversial déchéance de nationalité citizenship bill, which would see dual citizens found guilty of terrorist acts stripped of their French nationality. Though a welcomed message for some, her departure is an open wound for the politically left flank in France.

  • Paris: Protests clash with police at cancelled COP21 march

    Por En 1 de Diciembre de 2015

    Following the attacks on the 13th of November, the French president Francois Hollande decreed a state of emergency, prohibiting the right to assemble during COP21. For those who still gathered in Place de la République, the need to demonstrate against climate change was stronger than their fear of the state or terrorism.

  • A guide to refugee rights in the EU

    Por En 1 de Septiembre de 2015

    The EU is exploding with discussions about refugees. While the citizens are arguing about morality, the relatively ambitious cosmopolitan regulations of EU member states are running at high capacity. Here is the comprehensive guide for the nine most affected EU countries.

  • Daddy, can I be president now?

    Por En 24 de Agosto de 2015

    While many European countries are struggling with astronomical youth unemployment, a very select group of people still enjoy invulnerability to unemployment or diminishing power in France. From systemic favouritism to dampening productivity, the culture that once produced the Social Contract is forced to slowly mend the wounds of its outdated education system.  

  • Europe's Rasputin: The definitive guide to the Euro crisis

    Por En 5 de Agosto de 2015

    Greece: the mother of democracy and the Olympus of fiscal irresponsibility. Here's why Europe's problem child can only compare to the infamous Russian priest Rasputin, who was poisoned, shot four times, and beaten until he finally died from drowning, and why it is no longer the end result that matters.

  • Selfie ergo sum?

    Por En 29 de Julio de 2015

    Few things are as secretly beloved as the selfie. But why? What makes us grumble about the couple with the selfie stick and then turn around, lean in close to take a selfie with our friends? Unsurprisingly, the answer lies in our fast evolving, egocentric yet insecure digital exchange on social media.