• Busking in pursue of an extraordinary life

    Por En 25 de Septiembre de 2017

    We are defined by our choices. How often though have you found yourself making/avoiding choices out of fear of the responsibility, disappointment, or even the guilt they entail? Daniela Iezzi, a busker from Italy, spoke to CafeBabel about working on these psychological mechanisms of compensation, defence, and denial through music, and on searching for a way of living where everything is possible.

  • EUCO: common approach over sovereignty? 

    Por En 24 de Septiembre de 2015

    "Proper management and control" of Europe's external borders as the EU common responsibility was the highlight of the measures agreed during the Informal meeting of the Heads of State or Government, on the 23rd September. President of the European Council Donald Tusk stressed that it is unfair to put all the burden on Italy or Greece, bringing up the matter of national sovereignty.

  • Spreading laughter: clowns without borders

    Por En 20 de Agosto de 2015

    Bad news is around us every day: natural disasters, civil wars, conflict zones... The need for humanitarian aid in terms of food or medicine is extremely high. But how to cure psychological pain? Cafébabel met with Kevin Brooking, co-founder of Clowns et Magiciens sans frontières (CWB-Belgium), who talked to us about bringing a smile to the faces of people who need it the most.

  • Creative Mornings Brussels: (R)evolution begins with breakfast

    Por En 30 de Junio de 2015

    Are you out of inspiration? Do you feel like you could use some food for thought? What if one day you woke up and instead of heading off straight for work or to uni, you took a detour for free coffee and pains du chocolat and for a mini expert talk to pump you up for the day? Not a morning person? Me neither. But just giving it a go seemed worthwhile.