• Catalonia: The day my grandfather talked my ear off

    Por En 7 de Noviembre de 2017

    My grandfather, like all Spanish men, is a man of few words. But this didn't stop him from bombarding me with questions about Catalonia the other day. What's going on? Has there been a referendum? What is Article 155? This time around, I was the one left speechless. 

  • Italy: Second generation immigrants wait for passports

    Por En 17 de Octubre de 2017

    The reform of Italy's citizenship laws has cause hunger strikes, anti-racism protests and huge debates across the country. Today, one million people born on Italian soil fail to be recognised as Italian. For two years, they have been waiting for a law blocked in the Senate, and their struggle to be recognised as an italiano vero is all too real. 

  • Pimp My Pan: Cooking with the Midas touch

    Por En 5 de Agosto de 2016

    With the right equipment, any amateur cook can become a gold-star chef. But be warned - these particular pans will take a hefty toll on your bank balance...

  • Copenhagen: Islam, identity and integration

    Por En 26 de Mayo de 2016

    More than 10 years after the controversial publication of images of the Prophet Mohammed, and a year after attacks on cartoonist Lars Vilks and a synagogue shook Copenhagen, Danish attitudes to the city’s 300,000 strong Muslim community have changed. We visit youth associations and cultural centres to discuss integration and the fight against radicalisation in a climate of Islamophobia.  

  • Greece: Young Athenians on facing their future post-crisis

    Por En 19 de Abril de 2016

    There are several reasons why young Athenians could come under the category of "disenchanted youth of Europe". While some cling to the continent as a last bastion of hope, others turn their backs on the union. We spoke to young people of different backgrounds across the Greek capital. They spoke of their experiences of living in such difficult times full of uncertainty. Portrait of a generation.

  • Giulio Regeni: All we know for sure is that he’s dead

    Por En 16 de Marzo de 2016

    On the 25th of January 2016, Italian researcher Giulio Regeni went missing in Cairo, Egypt. On the 3rd of February his body was found under an overpass baring clear signs of having been tortured. The last few weeks have been marked by institutional outrage, anger and shock, but over a month after Giulio was found the truth about what really happened is still struggling to come to light. 

  • Evictions in Madrid: Fighting for a roof over your head

    Por En 18 de Enero de 2016

    More and more people in Madrid are being forced to abandon their homes for financial reasons. Thanks to ruthless banks and forced evictions, people are looking for solutions to the housing problem – and not all of these are legal. 

  • Spanish Elections: Ciudadanos and their quiet revolution

    Por En 17 de Diciembre de 2015

    The "Orange Party", led by Albert Rivera, is one of the 4 major Spanish political powers running in the elections on the 20th December; the most heavily disputed since the Constitution was introduced in 1978. 

  • Translator of the Month: Chiara Mazzi

    Por En 7 de Octubre de 2015

    She’s been a Babelian for quite some time, though she has just got back into the swing of things after a well deserved summer break. Meet Chiara, who always provides high quality translations in no time at all. For this reason we had to include her in our list of September's best translators. Let's find out more about her. 

  • Who are 'los guiris'?

    Por En 1 de Septiembre de 2015

    In summer, Spanish towns and cities fill up with "guiris" - especially in coastal areas. We all know who we're referring to - so much so that we can spot them with great certainty. But why have tourists in Spain ended up with this "nickname"? What exactly does "guiri" mean? Where does it come from?