• The darknet: My journey through the depths of the Internet

    Por En 25 de Enero de 2018

    Net neutrality, personal data protection and the portability of digital rights may be on governmental agendas, but there is one place where these matters were settled ages ago: the darknet. Free from any government-imposed rules, it offers relative anonymity and protection. It’s a close-to-home El Dorado, only a keystroke away, that nonetheless I had never dared to approach.

  • Europe's new wave of female filmmakers

    Por En 3 de Mayo de 2017

    The film world is often considered ahead of the curve in terms of social change. But that reputation hides a different reality, brought to light over the past few years by several studies. As European cinema is concerned, the fight for gender equality is far from over. Could the arrival of a new generation of women filmmakers finally change the picture?

  • Agnès Limbos: Taking Serious Things Lightly

    Por En 27 de Marzo de 2017

    An emblematic figure of object theatre, Agnès Limbos granted Cafébabel an interview after a performance of her play, Conversation with a Young Man [Conversation avec un jeune homme], atThéâtre des Martyrs in Brussels.

  • Three Faces to Remember from DS Brussels Fashion Days

    Por En 18 de Enero de 2017

    At the margins of a lacklustre opening fashion show, Cafébabel Brussels discovered the true heroines of the evening and their intelligent, elegant take on fashion. These three hard-core fashionistas aren't afraid of straying from the beaten path, and their creations are 100% Made in Belgium.

  • Culture 2.0 at MIMA

    Por En 17 de Enero de 2017

    Thanks to a huge initial success-- 250,000 visitors in four months-- MIMA's temporary exhibit City Lights has been extended until the 24th of December 2016, giving visitors one last chance to experience Culture 2.0 before the museum's January closure. MIMA will reopen in February of 2017 with another temporary exhibit.

  • Depardieu raps and paints in "Tour de France"

    Por En 23 de Diciembre de 2016

    Straight from the 16th annual Mediterranean Film Festival, cafébabel Brussels brings you a preview of the film Tour de France, starring Gérard Depardieu and young rapper Sadek. The Belgian release is planned for the 14th of December 2016.

  • Wax Tailor: "What does Europe really mean?"

    Por En 17 de Octubre de 2016

    One of the most anglophone French artists of his generation is releasing his fifth album, conceived somewhere between New York and Los Angeles. Back in France for a European tour, Wax Tailor was ready to give us his opinion on the hot topics of the moment: Brexit, political change, and terrorism.

  • François Ruffin: "We're not strong, so we have to be clever"

    Por En 30 de Septiembre de 2016

    His film Merci Patron! sparked Nuit Debout and the Loi Travail protests: two of the largest, but sadly short-lived, French social movements of the year. Now, six months after it all started, François Ruffin brings up Molière and Marivaux as he talks about the production of his film and its impact today as a symbol of the struggle.

  • Tënk: Documentaries built to last

    Por En 23 de Septiembre de 2016

    Why don't we see more documentaries on TV? Is it because people aren't interested, or is it because the documentaries aren't available? To answer these questions we spoke to Hugo Massa, head of communications at Tënk; the new VOD platform that is revolutionizing the audiovisual world.

  • Dour: Portrait of a Festival

    Por En 20 de Septiembre de 2016

    Cafebabel Brussels was all ears this year at Dour Festival. We wanted to hear all about the festivalgoers who scream "Dourreeuuh!" together. Where do they come from, and what do they think about Europe? It was a morning-after experience, in the best possible way.