• How many Europeans took part in Women's Marches?

    Por En 30 de Enero de 2017

    What are the international repercussions of the Global Women's March? One week on, we look at the huge number of European cities that mobilized to condemn misogyny, machism, hate and intolerance. The flashpoint was the inauguration of Donald Trump, but ultimately the marches were a call in favour of human rights. 

  • Olivia Ruiz: "I have a duty to remember"

    Por En 16 de Enero de 2017

    From La femme chocolat to her latest album, À nos Corps-Aimants, Olivia Ruiz has designed her own multifaceted silhoutte, capable of picking up and then discarding styles and entire genres at will. But there is one influence which does seem to stick around: her Spanish origins, and the story of her immigrant family.

  • [eng] EU-Russia: Nord Stream 2 and it's consequences.

    Por En 5 de Enero de 2017

    (Republication) The EU-Russia partnership is in peril. Russia seeks is seeking to diversify its market and, while the Turkstream project has been supsended, the reconciliation between Putin and Erdogan could relance it and a deal with India signed in summer 2016. The EU, from ir's side, seeks to reinforce security and energy solidarity. Nevertheless  they are linked by the project Nord Stream 2.