• Poland: Don't call us Pagans

    Por En 16 de Agosto de 2017

    More and more Poles are choosing to explore their country’s pre-Christian religions. Deep in the Slavic woods you can find respect for ancestors and nature. But beware: you might run into some right-wing lunacy and archaic views on women while you’re there.

  • [VIDEO] What the fuck Europe? Cabourg, Mon Amour

    Por En 16 de Agosto de 2017

    "Europe shouldn't attend music festivals," said no one ever. During Cabourg, Mon Amour, we asked questions on the judicial reform in Poland and endocrine disrupters to a bunch of young, drunk festival-goers. Weird? Nahhh. 

  • Jean-Baptiste: Volunteer at Cabourg, Mon Amour festival

    Por En 14 de Agosto de 2017

    [VIDEO] Jean-Baptiste is in charge of the volunteers at Cabourg, Mon Amour festival in Normandy. What is it like to manage a group of young volunteers? What are their motivations? What does volunteering mean? JB explains it all, his feet buried in the sand. 

  • Cyprus: Twelve gods and a man

    Por En 9 de Agosto de 2017

    Monotheism may still reign in Cyprus, but that isn't the case for Limpia. Here, polytheistic Cypriots gather to worship Dionysus. Between sacrifices, the Golden Dawn party and Zeus, this small village has a lot of thunder. 

  • Wendy: an Ecuadorian trans who dreamed of Europe

    Por En 7 de Agosto de 2017

    Wendy was born in the wrong body. Since her childhood in Ecuador in the 1980s, she has been struggling for her female identity to be recognised by her relatives. Fleeing a country where homosexuality was illegal until 1997, Wendy decided to rebuild her life in Europe. After 25 years as a sex worker, she is finally proud of the woman she has become. 

  • [VIDEO] Pale Grey x Hamburg

    Por En 4 de Agosto de 2017

    Digging deep into the discography of Pale Grey, it's clear to see that their name doesn't fit their sound. Inspired by port towns, large open spaces and some German bands–their music is definitely not 50 shades of grey. We sat down with Gilles to talk about his favourite European town: Hamburg. 

  • [VIDEO] Isaac Delusion x Warsaw

    Por En 3 de Agosto de 2017

    Large open spaces, people dancing and incredible stories. It's no wonder the French pop band Isaac Delusion have chosen Warsaw as their favourite European city. They have recently released their latest album Rust and Gold, so we sat down with them to talk about Poland. 

  • Hillsong Church: Between heaven and hell

    Por En 2 de Agosto de 2017

    The priests have tattoos, the sermons are accessible via an app, and believers are more like followers on Twitter. The Hillsong Church has become a global phenomenon thanks to music, and is both popular and controversial at the same time. It is thanks to this new credo that many have reached stardom, not unlike the musician Marco Geraci. 

  • [VIDEO] SKAMP x Nida 

    Por En 13 de Julio de 2017

    SKAMP is a Lithuanian pop band, they were the first official band to start after the downfall of the communist regime in Lithuania. They took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “You Got Style”. Their singer, Victor Diawara, is also a musical producer who is reshaping festivals in Vilnius.

  • [VIDEO]: A-WA x Paris

    Por En 6 de Julio de 2017

    A-WA is an Israeli band consisting of three sisters. In their first album, Habib Galbi, they merge traditional singing with electro and hip-hop beats. But in this melting pot of cultures, one particular European city stands out: Paris. The city influenced the girls' fashion, stole their heart through festivals, and greeted them with warmth.