• Why is Big Oil still invited to the climate negotiation table?

    Por En 31 de Mayo de 2016

    On the 18th of May, activist group "BP or not BP" protested against the petrol company sponsoring an exhibition at the British Museum, ironically named “Sunken Cities”. Their protest once again brings up the question of corporate influence by fossil fuel companies in the UK's public sphere. Let's put an end to Big Oil rigging climate policy. Opinion piece.

  • Fossil fuels: Young climate activists want to "Break Free"

    Por En 20 de Mayo de 2016

    In conference rooms around the world, greying diplomats and academics are asking: "How do we get young people involved in climate change?" Yet if we take a look outside of the conference rooms, it's easy to see that young people are already taking action. The Break Free campaign, which organises demonstrations aimed at keeping fossil fuels in the ground, is a prime example.