• French and Polish students on sale in Juliette Binoche film 'Elles'

    Por En 15 de Febrero de 2012
    'They' tells the story of a journalist dealing with two young students who are forced to prostitute themselves to pay for their studies. The journalist becomes fascinated by the two girls' stories to the point of damaging her research. The topic isn’t new, but the plot is original, says one Italian reviewer
  • Pesetas, liras, franks and drachmas: euro is living on borrowed time

    Por En 4 de Enero de 2012
    Multiple defaults, a return to the lira, pesetas and francs, the break-up of the monetary union and Europe comes crashing down. Sounds like an endless chain of unreal events? Perhaps not: the end of the common currency is no longer a taboo for European press and economists
  • A-Z glossary of European terms of endearment

    Por En 30 de Noviembre de 2011
    From the coasts of Portugal via the Balkans to the Urals, locals become cannibals, zoophiles, astronomers and gastronomists when they give their lovers pet names. Here are some tips on nicknames to use when trying to hit on that cute foreign boy or girl, whether you are serious about hooking up abroad or just having a good-natured laugh
  • Jazz man Raphael Gualazzi: Italy’s Jamie Cullum?

    Por En 25 de Noviembre de 2011
    The weekly German magazine Die Zeit called him ‘the perfect synthesis between Paolo Conte and Jamie Cullum’. In person, the 30-year-old is shy, but onstage he turns into a wild devilish creature. We catch him on the European tour for his second album Reality and Fantasy
  • Silencio: Paris club where David Lynch is more Papa Smurf

    Por En 14 de Noviembre de 2011
    You certainly will not be greeted by 'Silencio, no hay banda…' upon entering David Lynch’s exclusive Parisian club, which opened in the French capital on 6 October. Although the name of the club is a tribute to his cult movie Mulholland Drive, don’t expect to find Rita, dead corpses or unresolved mysteries here, advises one Italian journalist
  • Berlusconi raised us; how to re-educate Italy?

    Por En 9 de Noviembre de 2011
    What can we say: it was intense. The post-Berlusconi era is almost upon us: will we cope with the tediousness of political debate, with the absence of a man to love and hate, with the end of a television trend where success is available to all?
  • «Anti Sweden»: ecco i nuovi jeans... norvegesi!

    Por En 24 de Octubre de 2010
    "Anti Sweden", ovvero sventolare bandiere svedesi al contrario e bruciare jeans svedesi per mostrare, in maniera decisamente perversa, la "superiorità" norvegese nell’industria della moda scandinava. È l'idea del direttore creativo Kjetil Wold, 37 anni, per la controversa collezione di jeans neri lanciata nell’aprile 2009 assieme a Kenneth Pedersen, 36 anni.
  • Micro-penis: men on verge of a nervous breakdown

    Por En 15 de Septiembre de 2010
    At a 'New Men: Really?' conference at Dusseldorf University in February, the possibility of introducing a representative for male equal opportunities at the German government level was bandied about. It seems the modern man has no certainties left - not even between his legs
  • Bruxelles: solo sesso per noi stranieri?

    Por En 14 de Septiembre de 2010
    «Come mai a Bruxelles tutte le mie amiche, delle più svariate nazionalità, finiscono sempre per ritrovarsi nelle situazioni sentimentali più imprevedibili? Gli uomini qui vogliono solo sesso?». L’opinione di chi si è trasferito a Bruxelles sul perché, all'estero, accasarsi sembri troppo spesso un'impresa impossibile.
  • Puerto Guesing in Munich: close it all down

    Por En 2 de Septiembre de 2010
    The economic crisis brought about the shutting down of many firms, companies and chain stores. The former department store Hertie in Munich took example from the Tacheles squat in Berlin and transformed itself into a cultural centre: Puerto Giesin has revolutionised the bourgeoisie image of the Bavarian capital