Por En 5 de Septiembre de 2016

    Colombia has been locked in peace talks with guerrilleros for several years now, most notably with the FARC. Even though talks are advancing, a sense of unease still hangs in the air.

  • Unemployment: Young Spaniards having sleepless nights

    Por En 10 de Febrero de 2016

    When 50% of young adults in your country are unemployed and your future prospects look bleak, not even the most optimistic of statistics can give you peace of mind. Opinion piece.

  • Going underground: Why young Poles cling to coal mining

    Por En 22 de Enero de 2016

    Europe is pointing the collective finger at Polish coal, the polluting fossil fuel that continues to power the country, yet is barely profitable. Despite political pressure and the question marks surrounding its future, young Poles continue to head down the mines in droves, turning a blind eye to the pleas from Brussels.

  • Against the war: A letter to François Hollande

    Por En 22 de Diciembre de 2015

    Back in 2012, I was one of the many who helped elect François Hollande as president of France. Aged 22, it was my first time voting in a general election. Three years and two terrorist attacks later, I begin to wonder when exactly I voted for France to go to war? How can it open the way to sustainable progress? That's why I wrote this letter. A word to the wise...

  • From Breivik to Khaled Said: a digital revolution

    Por En 30 de Septiembre de 2011
    The year 2011 showed us the force of new media in political debates, whether in the European protests, the Arab revolutions or the terrifying attack committed in Norway in July. Political engagement is now affordable for everyone, everywhere. Is this immediacy which now defines political engagement compatible with our democracies?
  • Rome was not built in a day...nor for bikes

    Por En 12 de Abril de 2011
    I am a devout cyclist who first rode a bike by chance. I come from Strasbourg in eastern France, a city in which the two wheels reign supreme, so I did all I could to get hold of a bike in Rome. 'It’s suicidal!' those around me squealed, but after four days alone in a city dominated by cars, I realised that cycling can also look like a kamikaze mission
  • Middle finger in Europe

    Por En 30 de Marzo de 2011
    Despite the globalisation of the audiovisual world and the constant information overload, gestures appear to be just as effective as when they were first invented many centuries ago, so much so that using a simple gesture to order two coffees can almost end up sparking a row. A rudimentary guide to hands, chins and backsides to help you avoid problems in Europe