• Star Wars European convention has the droids you're looking for

    Por En 21 de Agosto de 2013

    'Preparing for jump to hyperspace, Commander'.  On the last weekend in July the Messe Essen event hall in Germany was converted into a star destroyer from Star Wars.  It transported its passengers to a galaxy far far away where imperial stormtroopers, rebel pilots, bounty hunters, sith and jedi roam. The word from a different EU ('extended universe')

  • Hungarian theatre director Istvan Marta ousted by far-right successor

    Por En 10 de Febrero de 2012
    After managing Budapest’s new theatre for thirteen years, Istvan Marta cleared his desk to make space for György Dörner, a supporter of the extreme-right wing jobbik party, on 1 February. Citing the example of a play currently being produced by German director Schiller, the 59-year-old outgoing director fears that his theatre could become a stage for extremism