• Madrid: Millennials find a way out of loose ends in Vallecas

    Por En 26 de Abril de 2018

    When we talk about millennials, we tend to think that they are all the same and have equal opportunities. What are things like for young people living in Vallecas, the neighbourhood with the highest youth unemployment rate in Madrid, for instance? To find out, I went to visit La Kalle, a cultural organisation committed to helping young people find their way. 

  • Conchita Wurst et les clichés sur le sida en Europe

    Por En 24 de Abril de 2018

    La semaine dernière, l'artiste australienne Conchita Wurst a été contrainte de rendre publique sa séropositivité sur Instagram. Victime d'un chantage de la part de son ex-partenaire, l'ancienne gagnante de l'Eurovision a fait l'objet d'une campagne de discrimination dans les médias. Un témoignage du fait que les séropositifs sont encore largement stigmatisés en Europe.

  • Exhibition: Cafébabel, peace and love

    Por En 24 de Abril de 2018

    To celebrate the return of springtime, Cafébabel is organising a photo exhibition dedicated to peace bearers across Europe called Tales of the afterwar. It’s a project that inspired every member of our newsroom and that pushes our generation to start asking questions. 

  • Lumière sur les White Hat : ma rencontre avec un hacker éthique

    Por En 19 de Abril de 2018

    Quand on parle de hacker, on imagine volontiers des pirates informatiques malveillants. Mais parfois, ce sont aussi des professionnels qui mettent leurs connaissances techniques au service de la collectivité, pour améliorer la sécurité des gens. On les appelle « White Hats », ou pirates éthiques. Et pour voir ce qu’il se cache sous leurs grands chapeaux, nous avons rencontré l'un d’entre eux. 

  • How to find Cafébabel on Facebook

    Por En 6 de Abril de 2018

    Facebook is trying to separate us, but we're not going to let that happen. So let's fight back and use Facebook (the right way) so that you can keep seeing our articles in your news feed.

  • Boycotting: Putting power back in the hands of consumers

    Por En 3 de Abril de 2018

    It’s easy to feel helpless. Even if documentaries on scandals surrounding major brands such as LIDL and Haribo cause outrage, citizens find themselves stuck without a solution as soon as they turn off their TVs. Still, civic engagement platforms and activists are proving that boycotting has an impact. We spoke to the individuals who stop at nothing. 

  • The Indian guru seducing Europe's youth

    Por En 12 de Julio de 2017

    Starting the 15 July 2017, around 300 young Europeans will gather in Germany to focus on the theme “educate, cultivate, participate”. The one thing they have in common: they are all members of the European network of Amrita Youth for Unity, Diversity and Harmony (AYUDH), the youth branch for followers of the Indian guru Amma. Through meditation, lectures and sports, all roads lead to wisdom.

  • Brussels: The concrete heart of Europe

    Por En 28 de Abril de 2017

    [SPONSORED CONTENT] As the European Union reaches a turning point, Brussels is trying to show off its European identity. We visit four symbolic places guaranteed to make you fall in love with the good Old Continent.

  • Breaking down the results of the Dutch elections

    Por En 16 de Marzo de 2017

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is breathing a sigh of relief after securing a third term in yesterday's elections. His party won 33 seats, and decisively saw off the Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders.

  • Around Europe in 5 expressions

    Por En 3 de Marzo de 2017

    There are lots of lovely European sayings about cities, involving chairs, owls, and oatmeal. This is what happened when we got some of our editors to try and pronounce them properly...